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  • One-on-one clients 

  • Groups, organizations

  • Companies 

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Life Coaching 

  • Political Coaching 

Language Justice Services

  • Editing

  • Translation

  • Event / Live Interpretation

  • Consecutive or simultaneous interpretation

  • Writing strategies, techniques, and consulting

  • Publications, events, media

  • English & Spanish

Education & Research

  • Research services

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Retreats

  • Writing and History Classes

  • Rooted in popular, decolonial pedagogies. 


  • Professional guidance and orientation for organizations, companies, teams, and special projects.

  • Insights include: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, African Diaspora, solidarity organizing, among others. 

Multimedia Production 

  • Production

  • Storyline

  • Narration

  • Administrative support

  • Subtitling services

  • Radio, podcast, documentaries, and other media projects 

International Travel & Educational Tours

  • Group travel 

  • Tailored and thematically specific 

  • Latin America and the Caribbean 

  • People-to-people exchanges

  • Grassroots

  • Holistic retreats & Professional Development

NEW: Full Spectrum Doula Services

Selected Previous  and Current
Partners - Affiliations

  • Emotional, spiritual, educational, and physical support

  • Pregnancy, loss, & postpartum care

  • In-person, virtual, & hybrid services

  • English & Spanish language

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