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WE RISE, Documentary Film (2021) 

In May 2021, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health organized a series of events linking community arts and holistic healing. Hosted during the month of Mental Health Awareness, this documentary covers the pop-up series with the grassroots, multimedia women’s activist organization based in East Los Angeles, California: Mujeres de Maiz. Currently in post-production. 

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Salsa, un tumbao’ caribeño narrates the history of Afro-Caribbean music, specifically salsa, in New York City. From the heart of Caribbean barrios to the streets of NY, Salsa focuses on the themes of migration, Black and Brown solidarity, immigration, and collective memory among others. One of the documentary’s main premises is to show how salsa not only became a successful "commercial" genre; but, also a global cultural movement -- one of humanity’s greatest expressions of intangible heritage. Project in pre-production, 

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In Spirit & In Struggle Collective Coaching Cohort

Coming in 2022, join me for a collective coaching experience rooted in my signature praxis blending: African spirituality, Indigenous practices, and revolutionary struggle. Sign up here to get the latest updates and more. 

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