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Ìyá Global is a coaching, consulting, educational travel, and multimedia hub. Ìyá Global’s mission is to provide services and support guided by a unique praxis rooted in social justice principles and spiritual traditions.

Ìyá Global's name is inspired by my internationalist perspective and the Nigerian Ifá tradition's term "Ìyánífá" referring to women who serve and lead in their communities. As such, Ìyá Global seeks to build bridges and networks with people who are contributing to a better world. I lean into a rich reservoir of experiences, expertise, and contacts across multiple fields and countries to provide the best services for my community and clients.  

About Ìyá Global


Jeanette Charles is a daughter of the Haitian Diaspora and German migration raised by working-class Black and Brown Los Angeles. She is a storyteller and scholar pursuing her PhD in History at the University of California, Los Angeles (MA ‘19). Her research focuses on the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean with an emphasis on Black radicalism, religion, and political economy. Jeanette's passion for Caribbean history continues in her role as executive producer for the documentary Salsa, un tumbao’ caribeño (Salsa, a Caribbean Swing), which focuses on salsa music's roots and legacy. The film is in pre-production. 

Jeanette is also a long-time solidarity activist, print and radio journalist, and delegation coordinator. She's organized group educational travel for more than a decade throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. She's a public speaker, language interpreter, and university lecturer. As a journalist and scholar, Jeanette has published in Small Axe, teleSUR English, Black Agenda Report, The Hill, Venezuelanalysis, Haiti Solidarity Newsletter, and América Latina en Línea among others. She has several publications forthcoming. Jeanette has likewise served as a radio show host and producer for bilingual programming with Pacifica's KPFK in Los Angeles and appeared on international podcasts and multimedia programming.

She is also a coach, certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a consultant working on issues of race, class, gender, solidarity and globalization among other topics. Learn more about Jeanette and her previous work, here.

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Selected Publications & Interviews
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