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About Ìyá Global

Ìyá Global is my offering to the world, bridging my skills, talents, and gifts. I launched Ìyá Global in 2020, during a time of great personal and international transformation.


My work is influenced by African spiritual systems, Indigenous cosmologies, and popular struggles. For more than a decade, I've organized in Los Angeles and throughout Latin American and the Caribbean. From the buses to the barrios, I've learned from countless freedom fighters on the frontlines. 

As a journalist, human rights advocate, and popular educator, I witnessed the inspiring ways grassroots movements bridged their political practices and spiritual beliefs in an effort to build a better world.  Ìyá Global took shape as I reflected on my journey and these lessons. 

What does Ìyá Global mean? 

​Names are important and I wanted this project to convey my mission. Ìyá in Yoruba translates to mother. In the Ifá Isese tradition, an Ìyánífá may refer to a community leader as well as a woman well-trained in divination tools. In the Diaspora, I’ve also seen Ìyá used as a salutation and term of endearment for a friend or compañera. Global refers to my internationalist perspective. While Ìyá Global serves a multi-racial and gender diverse community, it is important for this work to shine light on the contributions made by the historically oppressed and especially, women of color.

About Me

Ìyá Jeanette.jpg

My name is Jeanette Charles and I am a proud daughter of the Haitian Diaspora raised by working-class Black and Brown Los Angeles. I am a storyteller and scholar with a Master's in History from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelor's in Latin American & Caribbean Studies from Scripps College. Over the last decade, my work has focused on the African Diaspora with an emphasis on grassroots movements, religion, and political economy. I am a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and a long-time international solidarity organizer, independent journalist, human rights advocate, popular educator, and delegation coordinator.


I have published my written work in a variety of outlets including teleSUR English, Small Axe, Black Agenda Report, The Hill,  Venezuelanalysis, International Strategy Center, Haiti Solidarity Newsletter, América Latina en Línea, and KPFP. I am constantly juggling multiple writing projects and love when they "mesh" or inform one another.


I've organized speaker tours with grassroots leaders, artists, healers, farmers, youth activists, feminists, and more across the US and throughout the Americas as well. I also work as a general coordinator and producer for film and media projects. 

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